December 1, 2023

An all-star, on and off the field: Ashland Little League player heads to Ireland

Fiddle Quest Camp players cool their heels — and soles — in Ashland Creek. photo by Holly Dillemuth
July 15, 2022

Guthrie MacDonald can play second base, catch, the outfield — and the fiddle

By Holly Dillemuth,

While his teammates are headed to play in the state tournament in eastern Oregon today, July 15, Guthrie MacDonald is traveling to Ireland with his fiddle group for a week-long program.

The trip, organized by Duane Whitcomb, is the first international trip for Creekside Strings, which hosts a two-week Fiddle Quest Camp each summer. About 20 people will make the trip, spending three days in Dingle, Ireland, and then three days in Ennis, Ireland. Whitcomb teaches his students to play by ear so they can play music socially. Students will take lessons, go on hikes, and will play in pubs in the evenings.

Students are as young as 9 and range up to 16 or 17, Hammer said.

Guthrie MacDonald, at right, plays the fiddle with other Ashland musicians.

Guthrie is the son of Brandy MacDonald and Lyndia Hammer, of Ashland. He’ll be going into fifth grade this fall at Siskiyou School. He’s been playing with “Creekside Strings,” and attended a two-week Fiddle Quest Camp this Summer, which involves playing a number of tunes in and around the Ashland Creek. If you’ve happened on the sea of orange T-shirts and violin strings at the creek as it courses through Lithia Park, that’s the group.

Now 11, he’s been playing violin since age 3 and started playing the fiddle at age 4.

“It’s super fun, Guthrie’s been doing it since he was a little guy,” said Lyndia Hammer, his mom. “We’re lucky to have such neat opportunities around here,” she added.

On the baseball diamond, Guthrie plays catcher, second-baseman and outfielder — a utility player by many standards.  

While he loves the playing the fiddle, his mom said he’d definitely like to be with his teammates at the All-Stars State tournament, too.

“We’ll be checking in on them, their first game’s Saturday,” Hammer said.

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Guthrie MacDonald celebrates with other members of the Ashland Little League All-Star team.
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