Ashland Rotary names students of the month

December 2, 2022

Teachers call October and November honorees ‘outstanding,’ ‘uniquely motivated’

By Michael Scholtes


The Rotary Club of Ashland’s Student of the Month for October, introduced by Superintendent Samuel Bogdanove, is Abbey Lambert.

Abbey Lambert

Abbey is a senior at Ashland High School. She has an unweighted GPA of 3.98 and a weighted GPA of 4.2.

Abbey earned the College Board’s AP Scholar designation and received the College Board’s National African American Recognition Award. She is the starting point guard for the Grizz Varsity basketball team, co-president of both the Black Student Union and the Spanish Honor Society, secretary of the Interact Club, and a student tutor.

Abbey is also a member of the Math Honor Society, the National Honor Society, and was a student representative on the Ashland School District’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee. Abbey is making her way through the college application process and hopes to study biomedical engineering after graduation. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the movies, listening to Taylor Swift, shooting hoops, and spending time with her dogs.

On her own behalf, Abbey says she is passionate about math and technology.

Teacher comments:

Shane Abrams says, “Abbey is a tremendous listener and empath. She treats everyone with kindness and dignity. Since beginning high school, she has been on a growth journey to become the self-possessed and empowered citizen she is now.”

Gretchen Kirkpatrick writes: “Abby balances her determination to succeed with a reflection and openness. She has focused on achieving success on her applications for college and has produced impressive work. In addition to her school commitments, Abby builds up the AHS community through her club work.”

Rhiannon Batey says, “Abbey is an outstanding student in AP Spanish Language and Culture. She seeks help when she needs it, offers help to her classmates who are struggling, and always brings her best self to class. She has a positive attitude that enables her to work well with everyone. She is reliable and speaks Spanish very well!

Marissa Watson: “I have had the privilege of knowing Abbey for the last few years in a number of different avenues; Algebra 2H, AP Calculus, and as my TA. In every instance, she has been the most polite and respectful young woman with a smile and wave each and every time I see her. I have enjoyed our chats about Taylor Swift, “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Bachelor” and all things Disney. She is truly a joy to be around and brightens my day with her happy, uplifting spirit. Abbey has worked hard over the past few years to master her math concepts. When grading homework, I frequently go to her homework assignment to compare answers because her homework is a masterpiece. It is clearly written and organized, with color! The attention to detail she gives each assignment, is that to be marveled. Lastly, I would like to thank Abbey for everything she has done for me over the past few years. She was an exceptional TA and worked diligently on the tasks she was given, without complaint. Out of the kindness of her heart, she stayed after school one day to help me finish my work. It is that level of dedication that separates her from other students. She cares about her work and supports the people around her. Abbey is an exceptional young woman with the biggest heart.”


The Student of the Month for November is Julienne Adams.

Julienne Adams

Julienne Adams is in the class of 2023. Julienne says she learned to value small class sizes and relationships with her teachers in Waldorf School. She likes to run, dance, and cook. She would like to be a pediatric physician, or maybe a psychiatrist.

Teacher comments:

Shane Abrams: “Julienne is a compassionate and uniquely motivated young person. Her persistence and drive set an example for us all to aspire to! She is invested in the well-being of her neighbors, her planet, and her classmates, and is certainly on to even more great things!”

Erin Flynn: “I am loving having Julienne in class, and I welcome the chance to celebrate all she is and all she brings to our learning environment! I feel as though I have watched Julienne grow up in our small community, so I was thrilled to have her sign up to take AP Environmental Science during her senior year. She thinks critically, asks relevant questions about what we are studying, offers insightful perspectives during class discussion and completes high quality lab work. Julienne is intelligent, empathetic, kind, and reflective. She has a calm and confident demeanor and wonderful peer relationships. She is finding the best in her world with a positive attitude, and I know her positive outlook will serve her as she embarks on her own journey in the coming year.”

Gretchen Kirkpatrick: “Julienne Adams is a brilliant student. I often see her supporting her peers in the classroom. She is an excellent student who strives to do her best and to help others along the way.”

Rhiannon Baley: Julienne is a delight in AP Spanish Language and Culture class. She’s polite and always prepared for class. Not only is Julienne a fluent Spanish speaker (from her adventures abroad and her Spanish classes), but she is always willing to help her classmates when they don’t understand what’s going on in class. Julienne always comes to class with a contagious smile and a positive attitude that is much appreciated.”

Peter Bolling: “Julienne is both a fine writer and a sharp thinker. While she has been reserved in many of our class discussions, when she speaks, she commands the attention of others. Julienne is a fine example of the principle that ‘the wise speak because they have something to say while the foolish speak because they have to say something.’ Julienne is a great asset to any class discussion.”

Jesse Stonewood: “I had Julienne in my chemistry class during the school closure. Her work was always top quality and she was a positive presence on Zoom, even though my guess is that learning science on Zoom was not her favorite thing. Julienne is a kind and funny person who was always willing to help others. It was apparent from my interactions with her in class that she has earned the respect of her peers.

Michael Scholtes is editor of the Rotary Club of Ashland‘s newsletter, The Keyway.

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