City of Ashland Ballot Title 10846

August 9, 2022

For Proposed Amendment to Article VIII-A, Section 4 of the Ashland City Charter (Exhibit A)

CAPTION Amend Ashland City Charter Article VIII-A

QUESTION Shall Ashland amend its City Charter to delegate all authority to appoint, supervise, and remove employees to the City Manager?

SUMMARY This measure would amend the City Charter to extend the responsibilities of the City Manager to include supervision of employees in all City departments.

The current Charter language exempts one department from City Manager supervision; it assigns responsibility to the Parks and Recreation Commission for supervising its employees. This measure would amend Subsection 4 of Article VIII-A, Section 4, with the following: “Appoint, supervise, and remove all non-elected city employees, except employees who report directly to the Mayor and City Council who shall be appointed, supervised, and removed by the Mayor and City Council and shall be termed appointive officers.”

Any objections to the ballot title must be filed with circuit court within seven (7) business days pursuant to ORS 250.296.

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