July 23, 2024

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Beekeeper Lego taken from Talent’s tiny park

Talent Garden Club and city of Talent officials are asking for the return of a small but important feature of the city’s new tiny park. The beekeeper Lego was a gift from Allie French, executive director of Talent Maker City, to the city of Talent, and was placed in the tiny park at its unveiling last week. The gift has gone missing from the park enclosure.

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Ashland wastewater outfall project due to get underway

Ashland Pond will soon be the site of a major public works construction project starting this week and continuing on into late 2023, the city of Ashland has announced. People used to walking and bird-watching in the area along Ashland Creek near where it empties into Bear Creek should be prepared to expect trail and access point closures at various times during the project to ensure the safety of the public and the construction crews.

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Obituary: Steven Maryanoff

Obituary: Steven Roy Maryanoff, beloved brother to Bruce Eliot Maryanoff and friend to many people around Ashland, passed away peacefully on June 18 at the age of 75 in his private home in Ashland. He was active in the Buddhist community in and around Ashland.

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