Briscoe: ‘I have one foot on the plane’

For Ashland photographer Christopher Briscoe, the war in Ukraine is more than a news story occurring on the other side of the planet. He summed up his experiences there by assembling a soon-to-be-published collection of his photos and essays.

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Ashland School District

Rotary Club of Ashland names Violet Hering Student Of The Month

The Rotary Club of Ashland named Ashland High School student Violet Hering Student of the Month at its Oct. 20 meeting. The Student of the Month designation is awarded to a student who exemplifies the Rotary values of truthfulness, fairness, commitment to good will, and beneficial outcomes to all.

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Ukrainian refugee family finds a home in Ashland

Faith and a love of diversity prompted former OSF actress Shirley Patton to host a Ukrainian family in her home. “America’s greatest wealth is its people,” says the father of a Ukrainian refugee family now living in Ashland.

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Ashland photojournalist returns from Ukraine

Photographer Christopher Briscoe was supposed to return to Ashland after spending time documenting the plight of Ukrainian refugees in Poland. Instead, he cancelled his ticket, got out of his “comfort zone” and crossed the border into war-torn Ukraine to find what stories his camera could capture.

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