July 18, 2024



Native American storytelling: ‘One story that was meant just for you’

Since time immemorial, oral tradition has been a traditional way of teaching from generation to generation within Indigenous communities — language, ways of knowing, methodologies, pedagogies, medicine, culture, spirituality and tradition. That was one of the messages relayed by David West on Saturday, Feb. 17, at a community event sponsored by the Social Justice and Action Committee of the Rogue Valley Universalist Fellowship at its church on Fourth Street.

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Ashland Creatives

Ashland Creatives: When family history is American history

Ashland Creatives: It was 10 years after her father’s death, when she was 33 years old, that Barbara Hilyer first learned the family secret that she had African American heritage. She wrote a book about it, which she’ll discuss Monday, March 4, at Bloomsbury Books in Ashland.

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Tribute to a tremendous trio: Three earn Southern Oregon University’s highest honor

Not one, not two, but three individuals were awarded Southern Oregon University’s highest honor — The President’s Medal — on Jan. 10 at the Ashland campus. Former Oregon Poet Laureate Lawson Inada, artist Betty LaDuke, and founder of the sister university partnership between SOU and University of Guanajauto “Senora Chela” Tapp Kocks were recognized for their wide ranging achievements.

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City Government

Ashland residents recognized with public service awards

Three people were honored for their contributions to Ashland during the annual city town hall on Wednesday. Carol Carlson and Janet Troy were chosen for the James M. Ragland Volunteer Spirit Community Service Award. Brian Almquist was chosen for the Alan C. Bates Public Service Award.

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Ashland artist’s works reach new heights: The Smithsonian

Ashland sculptor Wataru Sugiyama has had two major goals in the past decade: Showing his art at the Smithsonian Craft Show and finishing an anthropomorphic owl sculpture he has envisioned for years that now stands 13-feet-tall in his Phoenix studio. The 67-year-old Ashland resident is about to accomplish both.

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Council agrees: A denser Ashland would make more city more ‘liveable’

In just an hour and half on Monday night, the Ashland City Council strongly affirmed that the city’s future will include major swaths of taller, denser development designed to reduce our dependency on automobiles, adapt to climate change, and provide a greater amount of multi-family and affordable housing, while striving to provide spaces for commercial and small-scale industrial uses.

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Chris Honoré: A debate narrative

Chris Honoré: Donald Trump simply cannot win the presidency. He must not return to the White House. Perhaps he can last four more years, but our Democracy won’t. With a mixture of regret and urgency, the number of elected Democrats calling for President Biden to step down grows.

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Obituary: Jed D. Meese

Obituary: Jed Meese died on June 24 at the age of 86. Jed started several successful companies, each with a physician partner in Japan, Sweden, Turkey, and the UK, which designed and developed both prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Jed was extremely generous and philanthropic to our community and nationally. He served on Boards of Directors and Foundations for Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Southern Oregon University, Ashland Community Hospital, Asante, Ashland Family YMCA, and many others.

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Obituary: Joyce Theresa (Brenner) Epstein

Obituary: Joyce Theresa (Breener) Epstein, 96, of Ashland died March 26. Her work has been dramatized by college and university theater arts departments, and she is the author of the chapbook, “A Journey Through Life Unguarded, The Book,” and “The Stars Gave Us Names.”

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