Reader photos

Reader photos

Reader photos: Lincoln and Jefferson in Ashland

Reader Photo: Helen Shilkinreinhold submitted this photo of Thomas Jefferson (Barry Kraft), who read the Declaration of Independence, and Abraham Lincoln (Bob Jackson Miner), who read the Gettysburg Address, on the Fourth of July in Lithia Park.

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Reader photos: Planetary alignment over Ashland

James Bruce of Ashland captured this image of, from bottom left to upper right, Venus, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn at 4:20 a.m. Saturday, June 25, from Ashland Mine Road. The spectacle won’t be seen again for nearly 20 years.

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Mt. Ashland sets attendance record, extends season

After announcing last week that the ski-snowboarding area broken its all-time season attendance record, Mt. Ashland Ski Area managers announced Sunday that its season has been extended to April 23, adding two weekends on to a schedule that typically would have ended on April 9.

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