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Curtain Call: Ashland woman helps build confidence for women who lose their hair to cancer

Curtain Call: Virginia Carol Hudson develops a unique attachment to her clients, but especially the women who lose their hair from chemotherapy after a cancer diagnosis. As they struggle with their treatments while balancing family and work life responsibilities, she helps them achieve some sense of normality by creating and designing beautiful, natural-looking wigs for them.

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Ashland New Plays Festival to offer plays in March, April

Two of the six new plays that will be offered this year by the Ashland New Plays Festival will be performed in March and April in advance of the traditional fall season. New works by Lisa Loomer and Carlos-Zenen Trujillo will be given workshop readings at the Southern Oregon University Main Stage Theatre.

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Mt. Ashland sets attendance record, extends season

After announcing last week that the ski-snowboarding area broken its all-time season attendance record, Mt. Ashland Ski Area managers announced Sunday that its season has been extended to April 23, adding two weekends on to a schedule that typically would have ended on April 9.

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