December 9, 2023


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Review: Down and dirty ‘Romeo and Juliet’ doesn’t pull any punches

Review: The universal appeal of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” is evident. It presents an archetypical love affair so timeless it seems to unravel the very DNA of our souls. Two lovers at the apex of their youth — innocent, exuberant and determined — are suddenly struck down by fate and the cruel iniquities of life.

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Review: Magically, OSF makes ‘Rent’

Review: What happens if you take a late 1980s rock opera based on Puccini’s 1890s “La Boehme,” focus it on the gritty but artistic counterculture of New York’s Lower East Side during the height of the AIDS epidemic, and plunk it onto Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Angus Bowmer Theatre stage in Ashland in 2023? Magic. That’s what happens.

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Review: Expect the unexpected in ‘Heisenberg’

Review: It’s been said that all the world’s a stage. At the Rogue Theater, on a stage no larger than a boxing arena, the world revolves around two divergent characters and how their worlds take on unexpected trajectories in the play, “Heisenberg.”

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Obituary: Margaret McCartney

Obituary: Margaret McCartney died Dec. 4 at 83. Memorial services are planned for 11 a.m. Monday, Dec. 11, at Trinity Episcopal Church, 44 N. 2nd St., Ashland.

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A home for the holidays? Local cat adoption events coming up this month

With local rescue groups still overflowing with cats and kittens, those wishing to bring home a new family member for the holidays will have opportunities to do so on two upcoming December weekends. On Saturday, Dec. 9, Ashland-based Friends of the Animals (formerly Friends of the Animal Shelter) will partner with Feral Cat Advocacy (FCA), Melly Cat Rescue, and Hero Tails Animal Sanctuary for a Feline Fair at the Rogue Valley Mall.

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Relocations: Politics far and near

Herbert Rothschild: Apparently, Kissinger insisted on recording practically every word he said. His aides later commented that he needed to keep track of which lie he told to whom.

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