December 1, 2023

Editor’s note: Letters about OSF

October 3, 2022

Wondering about all the letters about Oregon Shakespeare Festival? Relocations columnist Herbert Rothschild wrote columns posted Aug. 12 (“Let’s talk about OSF” and Aug. 19 (“Let’s talk more about OSF”), and asked readers to engage in a “community conversation” about the festival’s offerings, which drew some letters and Viewpoints.

National Public Radio (NPR) published an article on Sept. 28 entitled “Oregon Shakespeare Festival focuses on expansion – but is not without its critics,” which reached a national audience and prompted more letters. Longer responses are posted on the Viewpoints page.

Bert Etling

Executive Editor, welcomes letters. Please limit length to no more than 300 words and refrain from personal attacks. Letters may be emailed to or submitted through the “Article Submission Form” link at the bottom right corner of the footer section. Letters on local topics by local authors are preferred. Please include your name and city of residence with your letter (which will be published) and, in case we have a question, your contact information (which won’t be published unless you say it’s OK).

Oct. 8 update: Second link added to Viewpoints page.

Bert Etling

Bert Etling

Bert Etling is the executive editor of Email him at

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