June 13, 2024
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Upgrading Your Nervous System & Consciousness with Dr. Luke Schmelzle

In this highly informative and free talk, held at the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library, 1757 Ashland St., Ashland, Dr. Luke will provide a toolbox of proven techniques, tools, and practices for stimulating an upgrade to your nervous system and elevating your consciousness.

He will outline a framework for quantum living. Learn important strategies for liberating the body of trauma, maximizing wellness, and expanding consciousness.

Dr. Luke Schmelzle DC, M.Ed., B.S., is a chiropractor in Ashland. After a career as a school principal for 25 years in various schools across the country, he embarked upon a new career as a doctor of chiropractic, fulfilling another dream held since high school. While he loved his career in education, working with hundreds of children and families, he felt an unquenchable calling to the healing arts. The time was right for a new path.

While a chiropractic student, he was introduced to Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), or more commonly called Network Spinal (NS), which is a revolutionary chiropractic technique for liberating stored stress energy from the body. He experienced profound changes in his own nervous system, peeling away layers of harmful, accumulated stress energy. Not only did it transform his own life, but he also noticed significant changes in the lives of his family members. He experienced more ease in his life, more available energy to pursue the good things in life, and better adaptability to the stressors of everyday living. In short, Dr. Luke believes that it allowed him to connect deeper with his own true self, and to connect more fully with the power of the universe. Now he has a passion to share this with others!

Dr. Luke is involved with the Ashland Chamber of Commerce. He currently serves as Chairman of Ashland’s annual Fourth of July Parade Committee. He supports many local charities and local businesses.


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Date & Time:

April 25 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm



Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library

1757 Ashland St.
Ashland, 97520

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