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Ashland.news welcomes letters. Please limit length to no more than 300 words and refrain from personal attacks. Letters may be emailed to betling@ashland.news or submitted through the “Article Submission Form” link at the bottom right corner of the footer section. Letters on local topics by local authors are preferred. Please include your name and city of residence with your letter (which will be published) and, in case we have a question, your contact information (which won’t be published unless you say it’s OK).

Letter: ‘I stopped attending’

Victoria Leo: “There’s a reason that Shakespeare’s plays still move us deeply and teach us so much, five centuries after they were written. Young people, no less than old people and everyone in between, need quality lessons in what life is all about.”

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Letter: ‘I am suspending my campaign’

Linda Peterson Adams: “I will withdraw from seeking a position on the Ashland City Council in the 2022 General Election. I am suspending my campaign during this election season to serve Ashland and the greater community for what I feel is the best use of my skills and abilities at this time.”

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Letter: ‘A chance to vote for change in Oregon’

Alan DeBoer: “I have worked with Betsy, and she brings leadership that will be reminiscent of Tom McCall that did so much for Oregon. If Oregon can elect an Independent for governor, it will rock the establishment in the nation, and we should all concur that politics need that.”

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Letter: ‘I loved the show’

David G. Smith: “I loved the show and want to encourage generations to see it. I hope you do — and then discuss what you liked or didn’t like with each other.”

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Letter: ‘Get rid of the current shooting range’

Annette Baker: “Get rid of the current shooting range. Move it to an inside one somewhere soundproof for those who have to shoot. Ashland should be above this. Clean that land of their pollution and misuse. Make it a park. It belongs to Ashland.”

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Latest posts

Red flag warning issued for Wednesday afternoon

The threat of new fire starts due to expected “abundant lightning on dry fuels” has prompted the Medford office of the National Weather Service to issue a red flag warning for noon to 11 p.m. Wednesday for wide swaths of Southern Oregon and Northern California, including Ashland and the south end of the Rogue Valley.

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Two council candidates drop out as others wait for approval to get on ballot

Two candidates have dropped out of the race for Ashland City Council as the city waits on signature verification to release the forms of additional candidates who filed by the Aug. 8 deadline. City Recorder Melissa Huhtala said she is waiting to hear from Jackson County to confirm the signatures of additional candidates and will post candidate information after this step is complete.

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Rogue Grapevine: How a fox’s tail became a goat’s beard

MJ Daspit: “Caprettone got my attention because I’d never heard of it before. A light, dry Italian, it was refreshing and delicious. … ‘Caprettone is a white Italian wine grape variety that is grown in the Campania region of southern Italy … Caprettone is also grown in the Rogue River Valley of southern Oregon.’ Wait — what? We’re it outside Campania? How did that happen?”

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