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Letter: ‘Denise will listen to all residents’

Richard Spencer: “She’ll tackle the tough issues we face: fire risk, water and housing shortages, and switching to clean energy. She believes the county has a crucial role to play coordinating emergency plans, and preventing fires by cleaning up county land.”

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Letter: ‘Support OSF and Ms. Garrett’

Lillian Buchanan: “Criticisms based on race and gender have no place in civil discussion of the merits of artistic presentations and should be opposed or omitted. I would like to see every effort made to support and protect Ms. Garrett, who is doing her job very well and to good effect.”

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Letter: ‘Improve the quality of life for Oregonians’

Steve Haskell: “If you have Tina Kotek as governor and still have a commissioner who doesn’t want to work with Salem, you will miss out in many ways. You need Denise Krause in office. She will work with Salem and the other local jurisdictions in our area in a way not seen presently.”

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Mt. Ashland sets attendance record, extends season

After announcing last week that the ski-snowboarding area broken its all-time season attendance record, Mt. Ashland Ski Area managers announced Sunday that its season has been extended to April 23, adding two weekends on to a schedule that typically would have ended on April 9.

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