Letter: ‘Reelect Jeff Golden to the Oregon Senate’

Mark Huddleston: “Jeff Golden brought a boatload of common sense and an uncommon streak of independence to the Oregon Legislature when he was elected to the state Senate in 2018.  In that race, Jeff refused to take campaign contributions from lobbyists, PACs or corporations. “

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Letter: ‘Save our parks’

Susan Hall: “This November, Ashland voters will soon decide who will be in charge of Director Michael Black and the employees of the Ashland Parks & Recreation department. It is about time for this change.”

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Letter: ‘What a falling off was there!’

Arnold Hummasti: “I, too, am a former member of the acting company (1967, ’68 and ’73), when Angus was still active. I remember how enriching and magical those times were, and how enthusiastic the full-house audiences. It was a genuine celebration of Shakespeare’s genius.”

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Letter: ‘Voters beware!’

Trisha Vigil: “As conservatives across the nation desert the MAGA party, they argue genuine conservatives need to put country and state above party and vote for Democratic candidates who still stand for democracy.”

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Viewpoint: OSF has lost sight of its heritage

Marsha Price Chevalier: “OSF culture cannot and probably should not try to compete with big city theaters focused on constant innovation and social controversy. I think innovation and social controversy are still viable in Ashland but that OSF’s core mission needs to be revived to give the festival the stability it needs.”

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Letter: ‘The future of our nation hangs in the balance’

Alan Journet: “The 2022 election cycle is critical up and down the ballot. Republicans across the board have dedicated themselves to undermining democracy, suppressing the vote, and abridging individuals’ freedoms, such as a woman’s right to control her own body. Voting for Republicans at any level means endorsing the MAGA (“Make America Great Again”) Republican ethos of rejecting election outcomes, rejecting democracy and undermining the U.S. Constitution.”

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