Viewpoint: Less about trust than fear

James P. Garrett and Diedre Badejo: “The discussion herein seems to be less about the level of trust in Shakespeare and more about fear of the successful, creative leadership of Oregon Shakespeare Festival.”

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Letter: ‘I stopped attending’

Victoria Leo: “There’s a reason that Shakespeare’s plays still move us deeply and teach us so much, five centuries after they were written. Young people, no less than old people and everyone in between, need quality lessons in what life is all about.”

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Letter: ‘I am suspending my campaign’

Linda Peterson Adams: “I will withdraw from seeking a position on the Ashland City Council in the 2022 General Election. I am suspending my campaign during this election season to serve Ashland and the greater community for what I feel is the best use of my skills and abilities at this time.”

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Letter: ‘A chance to vote for change in Oregon’

Alan DeBoer: “I have worked with Betsy, and she brings leadership that will be reminiscent of Tom McCall that did so much for Oregon. If Oregon can elect an Independent for governor, it will rock the establishment in the nation, and we should all concur that politics need that.”

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