December 1, 2023


David R. Humphrey

Ashland: Where nature and culture come together

David Humphrey: Supporting the arts in Ashland, particularly its public art, is a crucial endeavor. The arts not only enhance the natural beauty of our town but also allow for artistic expression and commercial enterprise to thrive.

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Viewpoint: Little Rock, Arkansas, revisited

Michael O’Looney: Knowledge does not generate hatred. Rather, it opens minds. A glimpse into our past helps us to understand how perspectives have changed over time and how Americans have continually endeavored to construct a better, more just society.

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So many unanswered questions about Shakespeare

Tom Woosnam: “The question is not ‘Did William Shakspeare (the name on the Stratford baptism registry) write the works of Shakespeare?’ It is, ‘How did he write them without leaving any unambiguous primary source evidence of having done so, given that 24 of his contemporaries, from Ben Jonson to Christopher Marlowe, did leave such evidence?'”

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