Four controlled burns planned for Tuesday

A map released by the City of Ashland shows the location of one of four controlled burns planned for Tuesday, April 5.
April 4, 2022

Smoke could affect some watershed trails

Four controlled burns are planned for Tuesday, April 5, the City of Ashland announced Monday.

Favorable weather conditions make smoke less likely to impact the community, however, the controlled burns will be close to neighborhoods and parks, so the public is encouraged to take precautions if they see or smell smoke, according to the release.

Controlled burn crews with the Ashland Forest Resiliency are completing projects to remove excess fuels for improved community wildfire safety and reduced risk for the town drinking water supply.

Burns are planned in the area of:

• Siskiyou Mountain Park: Trails with potential smoke impact include White Rabbit, Upper Mike Uhtoff, Queen of Hearts and Looking Glass. In the evening hours, neighborhoods around Walker Avenue, Park Street,Timberline Terrace and Pinecrest Terrace could be impacted by smoke.

• Park Street: Smoke could impact homes near upper Park Street.

• Lithia Park hillside: Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission will manage a pile burn on the Lithia Park Hillside. Smoke may impact trails around Lithia hillside, south Pioneer Street and Glenview Drive.

• Ashland Mine Road: This burn is near west Ashland and, with favorable conditions, smoke is not expected to impact neighborhoods other than properties right near the 1900 block of Ashland Mine Road.

Smoke may be visible from parts of town during the day if clearing allows.

Details on controlled burns are available at

Source: City of Ashland news release. Email Executive Editor Bert Etling at or call or text him at 541-631-1313.

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