Inner Peace: A New Year giveaway

One planet, one people, one family, by Sally McKirgan.
January 9, 2023

Why the ego is terrified of love

By Sally McKirgan

Have you been glued to the TV this past political season? Still are?

The world is a crazy place with its twists and turns, betrayals, and egos running amok through the swamp. Recently, someone on a talk show quietly and gently mentioned that we needed more acceptance and love. Several politely rolled their eyes as if to say: “Love?? What’s love got to do with it?”

Everything, as it turns out.

Have you noticed the ego always speaks first? This seems natural because we are used to it. When we scoff at an idea, that is usually the ego speaking. Another reason it speaks first is to gain the upper hand. It has been the cause of wars since time began. It laughs at words like “inclusion,” “joining,” “love,” “same interests,” “oneness,” “brotherhood” — or when anything similar is mentioned. It is terrified of love because love would mean its demise. Poor ego.

However, there is another voice: the one the ego is afraid of, the voice that suggested the need for acceptance and love. This voice, with a gentle accepting message, we’ve known all our lives as well. The ego says those who are different must be condemned, run out of town. The other voice says “they would be interesting to get to know.”

We don’t have to judge or reject someone because they are different. It’s impossible to love someone you have condemned. This adversarial stance blocks us from joy and love that is ours naturally — think of a baby. We can choose the gentle voice by simply dropping the hand of the ego. It is just a change of mind, a change of heart, to choose the gentle voice of inclusion and the path to peace.

Here is a good way to test the two voices if you haven’t: watch TV for a few minutes. As you watch, notice the people, take note of what you see, what you like or don’t like. What were the judgments like? How do you feel? Now watch TV with an open mind and heart. Can you feel the difference? Inclusion vs. exclusion feels very different. The ego projects guilt out of the mind to make us feel special and innocent. It’s like a cleaning lady pushing dirt under the rug so we don’t see it or know it is there. What is pushed under the rug emerges in time.

This projection is not evil or bad as long as we recognize it as the ego ploy of separation. Merely look at it, and realize it is our stuff. We let it go, forgive it, because it is old learning from the past. If the word “forgiveness” bothers you, think of it as giving up grudges and letting go of the past errors to be free. It’s up to you to free yourself. If you still feel some guilt, it’s the ego’s way of slipping in. The truth is, you are innocent at your core.

When you have a minute, write down your old ego beliefs, regrets, grudges, and annoyances and put them in an envelope labeled “A New Year Gift to My Self.” When the time is right, take it to a beach, a cliff, or bonfire, (or your garbage can) then tear it into pieces and throw it away! You have released yourself from the boney hands that held you prisoner of old beliefs and thoughts.       

Welcome to your Self, your true identity, offering freedom from separation, pain, and worry in this New Year!

Sally McKirgan lives in Olympia, Washington, and is the author of “The Gift of the Great Rays, Inner Peace Essays, A Course In Miracles and its Promise of Freedom,” available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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