July 23, 2024

Inner Peace: Contemplative inquiry, a gateway to knowledge

Inner Peace
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
July 27, 2023

The practice, which was taught by Joel S. Goldsmith, is used as an entry into the experience of God’s presence

By Moshe Ross

We can attain the living knowledge of our Oneness with the Holy One when we are silent and receptive to It in meditation. God is omnipresent, God is here, God is manifesting Itself as each and every one of us. Contemplative inquiry is a method of meditation in which we learn to enter into the experience of God’s presence.

Moshe Ross
Moshe Ross

We’ve fallen away from our awareness of this contact, and there is a good reason for this. We learn invaluable and necessary things through this prodigal journey of ours. And it is always a good time to come back.

This form of meditation, contemplative inquiry, was taught by Joel S. Goldsmith. First, we get ourselves nice and comfortable. We might close our eyes, we relax. And to help us center our attention and turn our intention toward God-contact (our single focus), we consider some statement of Truth that we have chosen, one that says Yes! to us. We “ruminate” on this truth until we reach the place “beyond words and thoughts,” as Buddha explained it.

As an example, let’s consider a statement which I’ve used thousands of times to enter meditation, over a period of more than 40 years: “This is a spiritual universe.” The meaning of this has gradually unfolded from within by my asking, “What does this tell me? What does it mean?” Important points, that were sighted early on, continue to unfold, to grow like mighty trees.

If we sense that this is truly a spiritual universe, then the world is not physical. There isn’t any physical power to a weapon, a disease, a famine or a storm that can hurt us if we do not accept these suggestions of two powers, if only we know the truth of One Power. These catastrophes are temple bells, ringing to wake us from our slumber. They proclaim, Now is the appointed hour for us to commune with the World of One.

When we know this is a spiritual universe, when we experience this like background music, we feel ourselves in the midst of peace. It’s felt around us and within us. We let go and bask in it, and we feel ourselves known and embraced in this Everywhere-Consciousness. We are loved. Every state of our awareness, from our worst deed or most distracted day, they are all building blocks that become instructive metaphors. We know God is on the field, we trust It, and we don’t have to comprehend the whys and wherefores of this Wisdom.

So, “This is a spiritual universe.” There are various other statements of truth that we can make our own, letting expansions bubble up to us from our core wisdom — thought that leads beyond itself, to Communion. A few examples: “There is no god but God.” “Who Am I?” “Tat tvam asi (from Sanskrit: Thou art that).” “I Am that I Am.” “The Earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.”

As we begin to practice a life based on Spiritual Awareness, we find that we can actually rely on God in the crunch. The Almighty performs that which It assigns for us to do. We witness our life become a life of miracles, both the miracles that might be possible and the impossible ones. And we see and we hear such beauty “When the doors of perception are cleansed.” All these things come forth, not for themselves alone, but to lead us all to Awakening, to Really Being with You.

Moshe Ross (541-488-2571) is a longtime teacher of meditation, an author, retired physical therapist and psychological counselor. This essay is based on his May 20 program of Really Being With You, Saturday mornings 9:30-9:55, on KSKQ, 89.5 FM. For archive, search for: KSKQ Community Radio Programming.

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