July 23, 2024

Inner Peace: Guiding glimpses of the inner child

Inner Peace
Image by SincerelyViolet from Pixabay.
August 24, 2023

Watch kids at play — and learn to awaken that joy and enthusiasm

By James Hawes

Reflect on when you were a child of 5 or 8? Were you not joyful, energetic, enthusiastic and in a state of wonder about whatever popped up?

As a former elementary and middle school teacher, I suggest that you try what I do every other day, and walk by an elementary school in the morning or during lunch recess. You cannot help but notice the vibrant energy, enthusiasm and shouts of joy and uproarious laughter. Regardless of your age, you cannot help but watch, feel or sense this inner child on display. For a few moments you too are this child, chasing your girlfriend, pulling her pigtails or wrestling or playing a roughhouse game of tag.

For sure, watching elementary students at recesses is not the only way to awaken this inner child. Listening to singing bowls, watching videos or taking spiritual classes can all help open your consciousness to this always-present child.

One of the biggest obstacles to opening to this inner child’s consciousness is our ego or conditioned mind. The profound spiritual thinker Eckhart Tolle, in his book “The Power of Now,” says that 95% to 98% of humans are controlled by this pseudo or false self. One of his most powerful and fundamental ideas of getting beyond this ego is to commune with nature. He says that “Nature will show us the way.” We have forgotten what rocks, plants and animals still know. We have forgotten how to be still or to be ourselves where life is here and now.

An ancient fundamental method of connecting to this inner child is to keep a daily journal. As you record these positive glimpses there is a magical phenomenon that happens. The more that you write about these glimpses creates even more of these joyful, enthusiastic, happy insights. For example, observe and practice your cat or dog’s very alert attentiveness. Notice your cat’s amazing patience as it studies and focuses on a bug or ant. Or your cat or dog’s playfulness as it zips with hyper-energy, frolicking and bouncing around the yard or up and down on the sofa. Emulate your dog or cat’s habit of being in this innate knowingness. Sense, feel and know this inner child consciousness is always here and now. This kind of daily living will be magically transformed by being in this always presence or stillness.

It is only fitting that I conclude with appreciation and gratitude from what I have learned from one of the most profound spiritual thinkers of recent years. I have read the late William Samuel’s book “The Child Within Us Lives” multiple times. These priceless gems and insights have enabled me to spend 27 years of successful teaching and coaching at Rogue River Elementary and the Rogue River Middle School. This perceptive quote from William Samuel is an excellent summary of this inner child’s consciousness:

“In the mind’s eye, we can equate ‘Child’ with PHOTON, which is also, like the Child within us, everywhere in space at once. The Child is everywhere in our experience, not only available to assist our learning but leading us into and out of experiences in order that we may more fully comprehend the nature of Reality.”

Jim Hawes is a retired elementary and middle school teacher from the Rogue River School District. He published his first book, Ageless Child,” in 2011 with Balboa Press.

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