Inner Peace: The wisdom of Hilarion

One planet, one people, one family, by Sally McKirgan.
August 20, 2022

You have the power to create and change according to your own will

Have you felt the soft touch of angel wings while you were sleeping? Did you dream of a beautiful garden? This is your true home. For now, you can live on the earth peacefully, knowing that someday you will go to the Lord’s beautiful green garden in the Golden City. So hold fast to your faith. Let not the mercurial, shifting winds of fate in the physical world lead you this way and that. Keep to the true path that will bring you closer and closer to your true self, to who you really are, and to God.

—Message from Hilarion

By Jessica Bryan

As an Ascended Master, Hilarion anchors the flame of truth, healing, and music in the hearts of humanity. He is associated with the color emerald green and the Third Eye chakra.

In my efforts as a spiritual medium, I was fortunate to meet him in spirit and to channel (by automatic writing) a number of his beautiful, loving messages. It is my sincere hope that these messages will bring comfort and guidance during this time of planetary upheaval. I recently published the messages in a book entitled “The Wisdom of Hilarion,” and I offer a few of them here as vehicles for contemplation and meditation:

1. Focus on the wider view as you meditate and explore the vast universe that lies inside of your own self. Imagine you are in a beautiful garden and you are picking fragrant flowers made only of scintillating golden light. As you pick them, sing to yourself, “I am a holy child of God, beloved of the One who made me.”

2. Yes, life on the Earth is difficult now. Perhaps you are in a holding pattern that will force you to go inside and discover your own inner strength. Have compassion for yourself and also others. Close up the gaps between you and your loved ones, suspending all judgment. So we tell you today that you have the power to create and change according to your own will in finding your destiny.

3. You must turn toward the light. Ask in your heart for guidance and it will come to you as a flash of energy and insight. Get moving! Go to a place nearby and run on a trail through the woods. Run as fast as you can. Then stop and sit under a beautiful tree and think about what you want to create in your life. You are the “master of your ship.” You can choose which direction to take.

4. If there is someone you need to forgive, imagine them enveloped in translucent, sparkling light. Make this affirmation: “I release you. I forgive you.” Bow down and kiss the earth and say, “This is my birthplace, but I release it and all of my old attachments and negativity.”

5. Imagine there is a beautiful flower with green leaves in the very center of your chest radiating peace and love. Each time you sit for meditation, let the petals of the flower begin to open, one at a time. When you feel angry, remember the flower in your heart. Put your full conscious attention there, and then just let go. Even if someone provokes you, love will lead you over and above, and beyond all strife.

6. It is safe to move bravely into a more expanded life. As your life expands, so will your lungs. Just begin now and seek a “breath of fresh air.” Let the wind of Spirit move freely through your life and carry you to peace and fulfillment, and give you the strength to serve others.

Jessica Bryan works as an author and freelance editor, specializing in metaphysical and spiritual books. Contact her by e-mail at “The Wisdom of Hilarion” is available in print or on Kindle from Amazon. Signed copies are available from Bryan.

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