Inner Peace: Weaving inner peace with kindness, goodwill and magic

One planet, one people, one family, by Sally McKirgan.
January 3, 2023

Those who give also receive — a lot

By Janai “Grandma Boom” Mestrovich

He wore all black, had dark hair and dark eyes, and stood against the door frame at the homeless shelter, not speaking to anyone.

Janai ‘Grandma Boom’ Mestrovich

I could feel him watching me as I approached each person lying on the floor in sleeping bags while I gave out 2-gallon bags filled with items such as hygiene products, weatherproof socks, stocking hats, gloves, scarves and dental items. The bags also contained cough drops, Emergen-C, protein bars, fruit leather and other snacks.

Dressed as the Xmas Fairy, I waved a singing wand over each person’s head as they made a wish. Closed eyes, peaceful demeanor, and a touch of magic brought upliftment to everyone.

I glanced up every so often, wondering about the man in black. I could sense a cold energy surrounding him.

Meanwhile, heart-to-heart connections were made on the floor with persons grateful to have a sheltered space to sleep instead of weathering freezing temperatures outdoors, where some die from exposure every year.

The man in black stood motionless, not speaking to anyone. My attention was drawn to someone who called to me from the floor on his threadbare sleeping bag.

“Could you come here for a moment?” he asked.

I knelt down by his floor bedside and smiled.

“I know what you are doing here. And I want to give you something,” he said.

He reached into his slim backpack that contained all his earthly belongings.

“Do you like these colors?” he asked, pulling out a thin new turquoise and white towel with a tag.

I responded immediately, “Yes, those colors are lovely.”

He smiled as he moved his hand forward with the towel to place into my hands. He told me he wanted me to have the towel if I wanted it. My heart sank at first. I saw he had very little to his name in that slim backpack, and that there was no other towel.

“I really appreciate you wanting to give me your beautiful towel, but what will you use if you don’t have one?” I said.

He did not blink an eye as he stated, “I will use my T-shirt.”

It felt important to receive this gift. Heartfelt tears and humbling gratitude filled me.

I keep that towel in my sanctuary where I honor the spirit of goodwill and eclectic spirituality for all. It is a sacred “keep-forever” gift as a reminder to be humble and grateful.

That evening I finished gifting almost everyone, with one person left: the man in black at the door. I approached, sharing a cheery Xmas Fairy greeting, lifting the gift bags toward him.

He stopped me, saying, “I don’t deserve any gifts.”

To that I immediately responded, “Goodwill is for everyone. This was prepared for you.”

He hesitated, but then extended his hands and received the Xmas Fairy offerings.

I told him to make a wish as I waved my singing wand over his head, as I had done for every person that evening. He closed his eyes, bowed his head, and the cold I sensed around him dissipated.

When he opened his eyes, he spoke the last words I would have expected him to say: “Blessings to you.”

In that instant, my heart melted once again. He was touched. Healing occurred.

Connection, kindness, and goodwill — with a touch of magic — were woven together in the shelter that night, creating an inner peace that was palpable.

I could not go to sleep for hours with the abundance of loving gratitude I received that evening from those sleeping on the floor. How fortunate I am to be The Xmas Fairy. It is a blessing I am so grateful for, and appreciate all those who donate, making it possible for me to continue this tradition I have created.

This year I will personally deliver gifts to homeless children living in poverty and to some fire victims. May there be blessings to all this season that each of us help to create. Let’s keep inner peace as our community hearth to gather around and fuel with our goodwill.

Janai “Grandma Boom” Mestrovich ( resides in Ashland as the executive director of Superkid Power, Inc., nonprofit, tax exempt 501(c)3 ( She is author of nine books, former Instructor at University of Oregon and SOU, and award-winning in television and education with her pioneering SEL three-dimensional approach training all ages beginning at 3 years.

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