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Inner Peace: What is God?

one planet Inner Peace
One planet, one people, one family, by Sally McKirgan.
September 13, 2023

We seek to reach an understanding of God, and to feel Its presence within us

By Moshe Ross

God is omni fertile no-thingness, an omnipotent and self-sacrificial all-love. This means that God, being all-containing, is paradoxical. It is omnipotent, without any struggle, for It is omnipresent, and so unopposed. And yet It is self-sacrificial; nothing else could talk It into forgetting Its own reality as Its creation. It is God’s own nature, Its choiceless choice, to create our seemingly separated state, in order to bring forth and manifest an infinity of relationships from Its living no-thingness.

In this world of physical beliefs, we have forgotten our divine identity. This is a spiritual universe, but we dream of an objective, solid, struggling world — we learn invaluable and necessary things through this prodigal journey. In reality, God is only all-love; when we feel God’s presence within us, we too love everyone. God is this consciousness, this life, this awareness, this love, this oneness we all are. 

To love your enemy is to love as God loves. We’re one with our enemy; subconsciously, we fight the “other” because of our own hidden uncertainties. “Judge not” (good or evil) becomes possible when we recognize the limitless expanse of God’s love within us and find there is nothing to forgive; there is only compassion and praise.

God is our totality, our usual self and the unexplored one. God is our neighborhood and the entire Earth. It goes completely beyond the universe. God/God as us is the all-in-all.

Feeling the presence

God’s presence is always here, unobtrusively, at the very center of our own being, permeating everyone. It’s the awareness that is making us alive, the awareness of our thoughts, of our suffering, commiserating yet never believing in our fears, our desires, our sense of isolation. We awaken in good timing, so that the Earth shall be full of the knowledge of God as the waters cover the sea.

“In quietness and in confidence shall be my strength, in rest and in return shall be my salvation.” In this very moment, “To know God aright is life eternal.” We are God, God is us, we are free, free to explore and make mistakes. In meditative contact, feeling this presence, we lower our shield and are always told, “Thou art my beloved child, in whom I am well pleased.” We evolve, mature, we go through the great Passion Play and learn what it means that we are God.

God is beyond color, shape and size, while God has qualities that are transcendent, that can reveal themselves to us in any way: a quality of love that is felt even by the newborn infant; a quality of peace known even in the womb; a quality of bravery that has no fear to overcome; a quality of total modesty, for “God does not need man’s gifts nor His own works.” When we adore God, this awakens us to this omnipresence. God is here. It is here in this profound stillness, and Its voice needs no words. Its answers need no questions. Its momentary nature needs no extension. Its centeredness embraces all reaches of the universe at once. In the unbeheld light all sights are seen.

In getting to feel God within us, and rely on It, we begin to see through appearances. We’re getting to love all those we meet and be amazed by them. We’re getting to witness that everything is miraculous. We find that we are always here in the presence of God, in the home, the womb, the arms, the surround, the inner core of God, who is the all-in-all.

Moshe Ross (541-488-2571) is a longtime teacher of meditation, an author, retired physical therapist, and psychological counselor. This essay is based on his May 20 program of “Really Being With You,” Saturday mornings 9:30-9:55, on KSKQ, 89.5 FM. For archive, google: KSKQ Community Radio Programming.

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