December 9, 2023 Internship


Seeking a registered student interested in on-the-job training. Has had some nonfiction writing training, usually through classroom experience. Desires to earn academic SOU credits and develop journalistic skills through practice under the guidance and supervision of an experienced editor.


Job description:

Works under direction of the Executive Editor. Performs data-entry tasks as requested. Researches various news stories through direct observation, telephone and in-person interviews, and printed and online material. Creates stories and breaking news for online news site – –  email newsletter, text, social media and newspapers.



Core skills to be developed:

Story selection (identifying newsworthy story subjects)

Reporting (collection of data)

                                    Direct observation

                                    Interviewing (person-to-person data collection)

                                    Documentary research (documents, videos, other tangible references)

Writing (organizing writing a story)


Other skills which may be tapped:





Specific tasks:

            Online calendar posting

            Social media posting: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

            Police logs

            Press release re-writes

            News stories, including:

– weather and traffic-related updates

– event reporting

– profiles

– public meeting advances

– public meeting follows (a story published following an event)

Terms: This position is offered for fall term, 2023. Interns will work 10-15 hours per week, based on availability, and will earn $15 per hour.


Bert Etling, Executive Editor, — 541-631-1313 logo

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