May 23, 2024

Letter: ‘Eat Bacon, Don’t Jog’

June 5, 2022

Grab your hat folks; we’re in for a ride. This book, by Grant Petersen, woke me up from a lot of false ideas about eating. His premise is, “Odd as it may seem, eating fat not only does not make you fat; it is the only way to lose it.”

We overeat carbohydrates. Carbs convert into glucose, a kind of sugar. 

Here are some facts about insulin:

• It is a hormone that determines the source of our energy: what we burn for calories.

• It converts calories into fat.

• It stores fat.

• It prevents us from burning our own body fatl.

• Exercising hard, we think we’re getting rid of fat, but no, insulin won’t let us burn our own body fat.

Good things to know:

• Lowering our insulin is our cure.

• Fat is our friend. To stop hunger we must get the calories we need from our own body fat.

• Our excess fat is due to the high carb food we eat, not the calories we eat, nor the exercise we avoid.

• Fat is the only ingredient that doesn’t raise insulin.

Here are some Petersen guidelines on what to eat:

Never: sugars, sports drinks, energy bars, potatoes, rice, grains, soda, fruit juice, cola, corn, pasta, hydrogenated oils.

Now and then: Roots that aren’t fluffy potatoes, fruits, nuts, seeds.

Whenever you feel like it: Above ground veggies, especially dark green leaves, berries.

Lots: Young, fatty and oily fish: herring, wild salmon, sardines, trout from coldest waters, eggs, cheese, cream, butter, macadamia nuts, olive and coconut oils, mammal meats, especially fatty meats from grass-fed animals, like ground beef, pork bacon, and hot dogs (no nitrates).

“Eat Bacon, Don’t Jog” is chocker-block full of innovative ideas.

Wishing you a new life, gained by acting on Petersen’s take on how eating well brings a healthy, joyful body.

Carola Lacy


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