December 1, 2023

Letter: ‘Re-elect Jeff Golden’

October 26, 2022

Anyone running a business knows few business plans, if any, succeed without refinement along the way.

Take for example SB 762. The disingenuous attack ads by out of state Republican political action committees attempt to assign blame. So, with the Republican Party’s current direction, we ask “Who is in charge?” When the local Republican Party openly supports “The Big Lie,” again we ask “Does this candidate support me or read off a national script?”

We’ve seen Jeff Golden’s accomplishments, and our lives are measurably better: clearer skies, fewer fires, and better preparation for the future. The recent Mail Tribune article (“Human-caused wildfires in Oregon down nearly 20%”) is proof SB 762, which Jeff co-sponsored, is having a positive impact for all of Oregon. Interestingly, House Representative Kim Wallan voted against SB 762.

Jeff Golden has proven he works for Oregonians. Please re-elect Jeff Golden.

John Littleton



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