December 1, 2023

Letter: ‘She steps up to get it done!’

November 3, 2022

Joy Fate is a ‘boots on the ground’ kind of person. Always involved in the daily happenings of our community, when she sees something that needs doing, she steps up to get it done! 

She saw a need for a warming (and cooling) shelter for our houseless friends who were truly left out when COVID-19 struck. She somehow materialized what was needed out of what seemed like “thin air” to provide one! No funding, no institutional help, just her own chutzpah and her unique ability to network and find solutions. And she staffed it herself, with a skeleton crew of volunteers.

She’s progressive, informed on city business decisions, budget-conscious, a friend to small business, and cares about climate action. She’s approachable and feisty and she’s a voice for people who might not otherwise be heard. I’ve learned a lot from her example! I’d be delighted to have her as a member of our City Council.

Marian Spadone




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