Letter: ‘The future of our healthy survival’

February 11, 2022

Hi Folks!

Following is a Forum Paper written by Karen Shragg. It’s depressing info, but does bring us up to date.

• Most of us deny that we are a part of Nature.

• Most of us believe that the world is run by and for humans.

• We do not confront the media that believes that people matter more than the species that are keeping us alive.

• We are way too fertile: 80,000,000 people are born every year, worldwide.

• To feed so many people, we clear huge tracts of land that destroy wildlife habitat. More people leads to demands for condos, theme parks, schools, malls.

• Increasing our numbers brings urban sprawl, crowding, homelessness, more crime, worse health, less feeling of comfort and security.

• Conservation organizations must recognize that it is our huge presence that is causing the extinction of animals and plant life. Graphs of “population growth” and “species loss” go up the charts, in parallel. The growth of us equals the death of wildlife.

• Both birth control and limiting immigration are needed to curb excessive population. 

• To begin to change the situation, every country could focus on the survival of its own endangered species. How to do that is the challenge.

Nothing less than the future of our healthy survival is at stake.

Carola Lacy


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Bert Etling

Bert Etling

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