Letter: ‘Vote for and support Tina Kotek!’

September 5, 2022

Tina Kotek is the only candidate running for governor that we can trust to protect reproductive rights.

As House Speaker, Tina led the way to pass the nation’s strongest abortion law ensuring all Oregonians, no matter how much money they make or where they live, can access reproductive health care — including abortion — without obstacles.

And now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, we have Tina to thank for having the foresight to step up protect our rights.

All leading reproductive rights organizations stand with Tina and have endorsed her for our next governor because Tina is Oregon’s leading champion for defending reproductive freedom.

Christine Drazan promises to veto any legislation to protect/expand safe abortion access. And as for Betsy Johnson, she claims to be pro-choice but meanwhile she’s supported, and even donated to, anti-choice Republicans like Cliff Bentz, who was the only member of the Oregon delegation to vote against protecting abortion access in Congress. Betsy is always trying to have it both ways, we can’t trust her to fight for us.

Tina is fighting for a brighter future for Oregon: reproductive rights, housing and homelessness, environmental protection, mental health and recovery, economic opportunity, education and childcare, and gun violence prevention.

Vote for and support Tina Kotek!

Anna Maher

Lake Oswego

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