December 1, 2023

Obituary: Carol Lee Perez

Carol Perez, 2013, by Lifetouch.
January 24, 2023

March 24, 1948 – December 28, 2022

Carol Lee Perez, loving sister and mother, passed away in the early morning of December 28, 2022, at the age of 74. Born in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, she grew up in San Mateo, California, and relocated to Ashland, Oregon in 1990.

She worked for the Ashland Public School District until an early retirement primarily due to health issues. Following a life-long interest in philosophy and religious studies, she was received into full communion with the Catholic Church in 2001.

She is survived by her brother, Russell Krummell; step-sister, Susan Leslie; and daughter, Sita Schwartz. She is remembered by friends, neighbors and those in her church community as a sweet and kind soul. She will be greatly missed.

Memorial services will be held at at 1 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 4, at Our Lady of the Mountain Catholic Church, 987 Hillview Drive, Ashland.

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