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Southern Oregon University’s Dr. Edwin Battistella caps long teaching career

Longtime SOU Professor Edwin Battistella, author of several widely known books, retires this month after 22 years at the university. In this profile, he reflects on all he has achieved and what he is looking forward to next.

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SOU faces ‘right-sizing’ decisions in realignment, including reducing payroll

Senior-ranking Southern Oregon University faculty and staff who are already considering retirement in the next 18 months are being asked to make their decision official by Jan. 12 to lessen the estimated blow of upcoming cuts to rightsize the university from its projected $13 million to $14 million deficit by summer 2024.

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Inner Peace: The mirage of the physical world

Jim Hatton: “People tend to worship the material as if the material had power in and of itself. Nothing can be further from the truth.”

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Chris Honoré: I watched in disbelief

Chris Honoré: “How to possibly comprehend that after four years of observing the Trump administration, which I considered a train wreck, 74 million Americans still voted for him?”

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