Hundreds of thousands of Oregonians face drastic food budget cut

Oregon food banks are bracing for an uptick in demand in March when hundreds of thousands of state residents will face a drastic cut in their food budget. In March, federal monthly emergency funds will go away, reducing the average benefit from nearly $450 a month to nearly $270 a month for about 410,000 households.

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Empty Bowls returns as an in-person fundraiser Friday

Empty Bowls is back as a community celebration as well as a fundraiser after two years of COVID-19 interruption. It will be held from Friday, Oct. 21, in Wesley Hall at First United Methodist Church, Ashland. Empty Bowls raises money for local nonprofit organizations that address food insecurity in Ashland.

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Mt. Ashland sets attendance record, extends season

After announcing last week that the ski-snowboarding area broken its all-time season attendance record, Mt. Ashland Ski Area managers announced Sunday that its season has been extended to April 23, adding two weekends on to a schedule that typically would have ended on April 9.

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