December 1, 2023

Letter: ‘Support stable park management’

October 26, 2022

One of the councilors at the Oct. 18 City Council meeting said that he wouldn’t have voted to put Measure 15-210 on the ballot if he had known what he knows now. Maybe it would have been better if he hadn’t supported rushing the measure to the ballot with minimal time for public input.

At the same meeting, a resolution to try to accomplish by legislative fiat what voters are set to decide at the ballot box in November was presented. When Councilor Tonya Graham, rightly so, asked who put the resolution on the agenda, the city manager and the mayor had no answer. Is this who you want to manage Ashland’s world-class park system? An often highly dysfunctional City Council versus a single-focus-minded Parks Commission?

It’s been that way since 1908 and it’s obviously working. Vote “no” on ballot Measure 15-210.

Mark Knox




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